Class Descriptions

Barre - Our Barre classes consist of high energy, non-stop Barre work using small, isometric movements to help develop long and lean muscles. Each class provides a great cardio workout, while strengthening and toning targeted areas. No prior dance experience is required. All levels welcomed. 

Power Barre - Is a 55 minute fitness and cardio based workout. Traditional barre movements are combined with cardio interval techniques to elevate heart rate, build strength, and improve metabolism. This class is specifically designed with high energy music and low to medium impact exercises that will continue to give you challenging workout. Intermediate level class.


Pilates Mat - Classical Pilates at its finest. Taught as closely as possible to Joseph Pilates' original exercises and order in to which they were performed. Pilates teaches body awareness and good posture while increasing core strength, mobility, and flexibility. All levels welcomed. 

Pilates Fusion- A vigorous full body workout that enhances the mind-body connection using a series of controlled exercises that increase core strength, flexibility and mobility. Classes may include use of props such as Pilates ring, straps and weights.  All levels welcomed. 

Pilates + Barre(less) - A great mix of Pilates mat and upbeat, barre-inspired freestanding movement. You will use resistance bands for a challenging and effective total body workout.


Vinyasa Flow- This style of yoga focuses on synchronizing breath with flowing movements. Helps increase energy, strength and flexibility. All levels welcomed. 

Gentle Flow & Restore - Enjoy a gentle flow by candlelight to restore the mind and body, followed by a guided meditation. Slowly moving through each posture to bring back a sense of mindfulness, awareness, flexibility, and stability at your own pace. Show yourself some well deserved love. All levels welcomed. 

What to bring and wear?

Please bring a mat and water to each class. We will have the rest for you! You can wear pants, leggings or capris and a top that you are comfortable in. Socks, grippy socks or no socks are your footwear options.

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